January 20, 2012

For Cod & Country Recipes

Washington, D.C. chef and sustainable seafood advocate Barton Seaver originally earned praise for his first restaurant, Hook, which made the Washington Post’s top 50 and Bon Appétit’s top 10 eco-friendly restaurants. In a single year, the Georgetown restaurant served 78 species of seafood, and Seaver’s devotion to sustainability led to national media attention, including the title as Esquire’s 2009 “Chef of the Year.” Since then, Seaver left the restaurant business to put his expertise to use in other areas, and published his first book on all things seafood, For Cod & Country (2011 Sterling Epicure). Try his halibut with braised fennel (pictured above) for a healthy mid-week dinner, or his mahimahi at a weekend dinner party.