November 8, 2013

Recipes from Moosewood Restaurant Favorites

Transforming popular recipes into vegetarian dishes is Moosewood Restaurant’s forte. Named “one of thirteen most influential and revolutionary restaurants of the 21st century,” the restaurant has been supporting local farmers and green living initiatives since the 70s. When the restaurant opened in Ithaca, New York, yogurt, coconut milk and fresh cilantro weren’t readily available – but how things have changed on the culinary scene. For their 40th anniversary in 2013, The Moosewood Collective has compiled their 250 most requested recipes with plenty of pointers on recipe variations into a new cookbook titled, Moosewood Restaurant Favourites (2013, St. Martin’s Griffin). Try their Portuguese White Bean & Kale Soup for a hearty winter meal or their Autumn Salad Plate with cheddar and fresh fruits.