May 19, 2011

Recipes From The One-Block Feast

Try one of these fresh recipes from the editors behind the One-Block Diet blog. Margo True and her fellow staffers at Sunset magazine transformed their northern California office yard into a bountiful garden. They set out to create four feasts over the course of a year, using only what could be grown or raised in their backyard-sized plot. First they blogged about it, then they published a book about it, called The One-Block Feast (2011 Ten Speed Press). Grouped into gardening, project, and recipe guides for each season, the book is a must-have resource for planning an eco-friendly kitchen garden. The chapters are organized by season, each featuring a planting plan and crop-by-crop instructions, an account of how that season’s projects played out for the Sunset team, and a multicourse dinner menu. Serve up spicy poblano peppers at a Mexican-themed party, try a barbecued carrot salad at a summer soirée, or whip up a vegetable chowder this fall or winter. Even if you don’t have your own vegetable garden, pick up some local organic produce and swap ingredients as needed. You’ll taste the difference of homegrown!