Grilled Goat Cheese Sandwiches Recipe

A gourmet take on a grilled cheese.


2 tbsp butter, softened
4 slices brioche or other white toasting bread
3-1/2 oz. Montrachet goat cheese, at room temperature
1 large red heirloom tomato, sliced


Step 1: Spread butter on one side of each bread slice.

Step 2: In a 12″ skillet, place two bread slices, butter-side down. Spread goat cheese on bread and arrange tomato slices on top of goat cheese. Top with remaining bread slices, butter-side up. Cook sandwiches over medium heat until golden on both sides, about 5 minutes.

Step 3: Cut sandwiches in half, drizzle with pesto.

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Reprinted with permission from Grant MacPherson’s In the Viking Kitchen (2010 Viking Range Corporation).