Roasted Tomato Tarts With Basil & Salmon Recipe

This salmon tart recipe serves beautifully with hearty wild rice.

6 Roma tomatoes
9 oz. puff pastry disks 5″ diameter
Half bunch basil
1 head garlic
4 4 oz. salmon fillets, skin off
1 bunch asparagus spears
14 oz. wild rice
7 tbsp pesto sauce
7 tbsp olive oil

4 5″ tin foil flan moulds
Rolling pin
Griddle plate


24-72 Hours in Advance

Step 1: Cut the tomatoes into 6 wedges each. Place in a low oven for 12 hours to lightly dry and intensify the flavour.

Step 2: Roast the garlic cloves in their husks in a warm oven until soft and cooked through, remove the husks and roughly chop.

Step 3: Place the tomatoes in the foil container neatly skin side down. Add the chopped garlic some ripped basil and place the puff pastry disks on top to form an upside down tart.

Step 4: Trim the asparagus spears and place on a heated ribbed griddle plate and cook to lightly colour and soften, approximately 7-8 minutes.

Step 5: Cook the wild rice in salted boiling water for 30 minutes until soft to bite.

Step 6: Insert a knife into the salmon fillets to form a pocket and place 2 basil leaves inside.

To Serve:

Step 1: Cook the tarts in the oven at 400ºF for 15 minutes and turn out onto the serving plate pastry side down.

Step 2: Reheat the asparagus and the wild rice and neatly place onto the tart.

Step 3: Griddle the salmon and cook through, place on top of the asparagus and rice. Finish the dish with a spoonful of the pesto sauce and a sprig of fresh herb.


Donna Griffith