July 14, 2009

Decorating An Art Wall

With the grunt work on my basement finally near completion, it is time to get excited about the decorating. And just in time — I am drained from noise, mess, decision-making and I desperately need some fun. Above are two shots from one of my favourite homes, Thomas O’Brien’s New York apartment. Again, he has soaring ceilings and beautiful light, which I am sorely lacking, but I recognize in him the need for the personal. This is the home of a true collector and his talent for display is impeccable.

Decorating inspiration - Thomas O'Brien's New York apartment

Take a look at his art walls: a beautiful mix of media, framing, matting — this is a free for all and it works. For my little basement I may need to stick with something more consistent. Black frames and creamy white matting will make a mix of images read as a cohesive collection. The smaller vignette from O’Brien’s place (below) works as well, since the artwork nicely wraps around a statement piece of furniture. This seems a little more do-able in a small space — keep it contained to one small wall but still break out of the gallery style of hanging everything along a straight line.

Decorating inspiration

Filling out a wall is now a little easier on the budget when trolling Have you tried shopping here? It is fantastic. Here are some artists I may end up buying from and imagine this nice mix living together on one wall. I may go for the mix with an encaustic (bee’s wax treatment), a photograph or two, a couple of works by printmakers. I think it will all hang together quite nicely.

art wall collection

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