May 6, 2009

Feeling Blue

The basement demo continues, and The Sicilians are reframing some walls. So now is the time to get dreamy about my colour palette. After all, a girl needs something to look forward to.

I found a wonderful website of a UK stylist, Twig Hutchinson. Design editors love trolling sites like this, featuring such beautiful work. And with one simple still-life photo, Twig may have summed up my basement. I need me some fresh, pale blue as the hit of colour in an otherwise white space.

Twig Hutchinson Blue Paint Image

The paint colour I’ve chosen is White Denim (6004-11) by Sico.

Translate this to a room and this is what you get:

Or, as a country house:

Love it! Being blue never looked so good.

Now, tell me this: What is your favourite blue paint shade?

Photo credits:
Twig Hutchinson website
2. Sico paint chip from
My Perfect Colour
3. Christopher Maya interior from
Desire to Inspire
New York Magazine, photography by Thomas Loof