December 9, 2008

How To Treat Basement Windows

Q. We are looking for a window covering for our basement bedroom suite. The window is small and set quite high on the wall with a ledge underneath. We’d like something that does a good job blocking light, perhaps in fabric.

A. Basement window coverings are always a challenge. Try building your own window screens by buying inexpensive wood frames, choosing a height that will fit your window if you sit it on the ledge. Depending on the width of your window, buy 2 or 3 frames and fit them with fabric that coordinates with the rest of your room. Try using a lighter fabric that will still let natural light glow in the room. Install small hinges, available at any hardware store, on each frame and you’ve got a wonderful window folding screen that will offer privacy and still let in light, depending on how you position it on the window ledge. Another option is to have wood slat blinds cut to fit your small window for a clean, finished look.

For a more traditional, romantic look, simply hang a fabric curtain panel cut just a little bigger than your window from a wrought iron curtain rod. Think about hanging the curtain so it just hits the floor, to create the illusion of a long, more substantial window.