June 24, 2009

Laundry Room Redux

With the weeping tiles in, concrete going down and drywall going up, my first real bit of reno’ing is finally coming to a close. After months of dirt and dust and mess, I am putting the laundry room back together. It is a necessity, unlike the office I was so concerned with last week.

Little kitchen of Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa

The little kitchen of Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa has been my working model for the south wall (where the machines were originally located, despite the inability to hook the dryer up for proper venting — who planned this thing the first time?). Anyway, the size is about the same so I am riffing off this plan.

Shaker doors are a must, and as with this kitchen, my laundry room cabinet doors will be painted out, that same pale blue as the stairs. I’ll have a single shelf for all the bits and pieces. But with a beadboard backsplash and gooseneck faucet.

But the other side of the galley laundry room is the hard part. I am torn between machines tucked behind bifold doors which have been trimmed out in shaker panels to work with the south wall, or hidden behind a curtain such as this cute laundry room shot from CountryHome:

Laundry Room shot from CountryHome

As costs are mounting, perhaps some inexpensive Ikea panels will do the trick.

Here is where I started with this laundry room, so you can see how far I have to go:

Meg's Laundry Room

Photo credits:
1. Francisco Costa’s apartment from
Habitually Chic November 21, 2008
Meg Crossley