August 5, 2009

Photo Shoot Day!

Gentle reader (gentle as in you haven’t busted my chops in the comments section, thanks much), I am finally on the photo shoot of my basement reno. Funny how things come full circle. Remember when I first blogged about shooting a basement with photographer Michael Graydon way back in 2007, and it inspired me to do my own basement? Well, the powers that be booked him again for my basement shoot and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Michael Graydon and his assistant Valerie

Here are Michael and his assistant Valerie setting up their laptop/office on my gateleg table. I knew once it was folded out, this table would make a good small office.

Michael lining up a shot of the fireplace

And here is Michael lining up a shot of my fireplace. I think this is the best indication that we are in a basement — Michael is tall but not freakish, and so you see how low these ceilings truly are. This is a standard 7-foot ceiling in a typical basement.

So following are a few befores and afters, almost exact in terms of angle. I am so pleased with the results, and pleased that House & Home has decided to professionally photograph the project — it is something I will always have to remind me of the pain, I mean the happy outcome. I hope you like!

before picture

after: living room

before photo
after photo of Meg's basement

To see the entire professionally photographed results, check out the fall 2009 Makeovers special issue, on newsstands August 17th.

Photo credits:
Meg Crossley