December 30, 2009

Remodelling A Staircase

There is nothing like a well-appointed staircase. Sure, you can’t get comfy on them or accessorize them (too much) but it is a mistake to think them completely perfunctory. Isn’t it surprising what some lovely spindles, fresh paint and a great runner can do?

white room with open staircase and wooden furniture

This is my new favourite staircase, which I found on the website of a very talented photographer, Eric Piasecki. I love how the designer has used that bit of wall space as a place for a statement piece of furniture, how the door isn’t hidden so I can guess something is going on behind it, storage maybe, and how the beautiful tongue and groove wall frames out the space. If only my stairs could look like this.

But sadly, mine look like this:

meg's staircase

The top step is so ridiculously high that it almost requires bungee jumping to get down it, the bottom step is maybe only 2” above the floor. My guess is the last homeowners didn’t have a clue how to hang a stringer (or were bad at The Maths) and so The Sicilians are bringing in an old-pro carpenter to make this right. I will do inexpensive shaker spindles, some shaker trim to dress up the whole area, a cheap jute runner typically used for outdoor stairs and I will house the kitty litter behind a closed door under the stairs. The end product should look something like this only in white:

grey green room with open staircase

To see the after photos of my basement reno, head over to my last blog post, or pick up the Fall 2009 Makeovers special issue.

Photo credits:
Eric Piasecki
Meg Crossley
3. Unknown source: Help! Does anyone know where this shot comes from?