July 22, 2009

Wall Of Bookcases

So I got some very exciting news today — House & Home is publishing another Makeovers special interest mag and they would like to include my basement reno! I never expected the basement would warrant professional photography, but here we go. Of course, now the pressure is on to make sure the place looks really good.

I was going to leave one wall blank until I figured it out, but now it needs to be dressed. I call it the bookcase wall even though there is no bookcase currently sitting there. But I have found the one I want, Ikea’s Granemo bookshelf (see image below).

Ikea's Granemo bookshelf

How about the lines of this piece — it has that Shaker/modern country look I love so well, and am trying to replicate with trimwork throughout the basement. So this is the one for me. And happily, it is the exact same size of the area I left for a fake fireplace (more on that next week) which will sit opposite it in the room — two focal points, is that a good thing? I think it is.

Of course display on the shelves themselves is the fun part, but so much of my stuff is packed in boxes in the garage, I can’t even remember what I have. I love this shot below — the odd mix of objects, loose and personal, this is something to aim for.

odd mix of objects to decorate a bookshelf

Another thought is shelves filled with my Folio Society books. I joined this book club years ago. I believe they have been up and running since the 1940s. Basically you can purchase classic books that have been beautifully illustrated and bound. They look fabulous lining a shelf. Currently my Folio books are spread throughout the house, but bringing them together in one collection could really work. The Folio books aren’t cheap but once you join, there are discounts — I would definitely encourage the avid reader or just the lover of beautiful books to check them out.

Books from Folio Society

For more bookshelf inspiration, read Kimberley Brown’s Stunning Bookshelves post.

Photo credits:
Top Image on H: Mark Burstyn
1. Ikea
Granemo bookshelf
2. Unknown source: Help! Does anyone know where this shot comes from?
Folio Society