Diamond Floor by Sarah Richardson

Design Hack: Diamond Floor By Sarah Richardson

Take a page from Sarah Richardson and a create high-end diamond floor pattern using plain 12” tiles from a big-box hardware store. Choose tiles in three different colorways for contrast (these are marble, but porcelain tiles could be easily subbed in for a similar look). Cut the tiles in half across the diagonal, then assemble in a diamond pattern. Tile cutting is inexpensive, notes Richardson, but it’s worth it to hire a professional installer to set a pattern like this.

Tour the rest of this Sarah Richardson Design condo on H&H TV.

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Wendy Jacob
Stacey Brandford
Sarah Richardson Design
House & Home February 2013 issue
Marble tiles, Saltillo Imports

One Response to “Design Hack: Diamond Floor By Sarah Richardson”

May 05, 2016 at 11:36 am, Lynne Woodman said:

I like the look. It’s very appealing.



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