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November 18, 2009

Help, I Have No Mudroom!

I’m back! After months off from both renovating my basement and blogging about it, I am well-rested and ready for more blog posts. Thing is, in the time off so many friends, colleagues and readers have commented or emailed me with questions, and almost always about some odd little fakery I used to solve a problem — and there were many in that basement redo. This made me think that design problem solving would be a good topic for a blog.

So here we go: What do you do when your house has no foyer but you hate sitting in your living room and staring at a hallway of shoes, or feeling the cold draft when your front door opens?

Check this out:

Photo: building a box in the front hall

Despite that fact that a co-worker I shared this shot with thought it resembled a British phone booth, I love this idea. Whodathunk. Obviously this is for the open-concept dweller and would work well in spaces like lofts or a house with a good size front room, but what a great solution. Don’t you love how the bottom of the box is solid which means shoes, bags and dirty mats are hidden from view? And with the uppers made from windows, you get all the natural light from the front door sidelights. It also makes the idea of using stone or tile in the front hallway easy to coordinate, as it answers the oft-asked question, where do I stop the tile and start the hardwood?

Of course, for a less complicated solution we only have to look to neighbourhood bistros on windy wintery nights, when they have their thick velvet drapes hanging to keep back the cold for those patrons sitting close to the door.

Photo: tapestry hung in the arch from the hallway to the living room

Here House & Home published their own take on that idea with a tapestry hung in the arch from entry hall to living room. Easily done by hanging a drapery rod on the hallway side of the arch, hanging the tapestry with clip rings and using a tie-back to give it some shape when sitting open. Close it and you block cold and mess.

Anyone else frustrated by not having a foyer? What do you do about it?

For more ideas on how to create an entryway or mudroom in a front living room, see Living Room As Entryway.

Photo credits:
1. Unknown source: Help! Does anyone know where this shot comes from?
2. Shot for the February 2007 issue of House & Home, photography by Tracy Shumate