Decorating & Design

December 2, 2008

How To Decorate A Foyer

Q. We have a very large foyer with an 18-foot high ceiling. Our floors are tile with area rugs, and we have a circular staircase. The problem is that the open space tends to feel rather cold. What would you suggest to warm up a large space?

A. Think about making your foyer one of your “rooms”. A foyer sets the tone for the rest of the house and actually plays an important role as your home’s first impression. Treat the space just as you would a living room, for instance, and you will instantly create a warm, inviting entry space.

If space allows, consider adding a round pedestal table, that will mirror the circular staircase, in the centre of the foyer. Hang a chandelier above to frame the table and add flowers or a sculptural piece to top the table for a formal, welcoming area. If the floor space is not large enough to accommodate a centre table, place a demi-lune or console table against a wall and flank the table with wall sconces. A large, framed mirror over the table will add depth and is also perfect for last-minute primping before leaving the house. Framed prints will also work to add a finishing touch to the walls.

A table will not only add visual interest and a “room-like” feel, but will functionally hold keys or cell phones. Add an upholstered chair, positioned in a corner, for a comfortable place to remove shoes. A bench along a wall is a perfect solution to a smaller foyer. Area rugs are a must for an entryway. Multi-coloured oriental rugs can be replaced with neutral sisal in the summer months and area rugs will help frame the “welcoming space” of your foyer.