Clever Staircase Storage

There are a few common things homeowners say when revealing the problems they have with their homes: “the entryway is too small,” “there isn’t enough natural light,” “we need an extra bathroom.” The list can go on for miles, but there is one phrase that I have never heard uttered: “I have too much space and room for storage.” Yeah right! It seems that no matter how often we upsize or spring clean, storage is a constant issue.

If your home has stairs, you may have considered how to use the empty space below to maximize space. I certainly have, but must admit I have always been a little intimidated by this project. And the last thing I need is another cluttered-looking area. But recently, more and more images have come across my desk that have completely changed my opinion on staircase storage.

By transforming stairs into pull-out drawers, a cluttered aesthetic is completely avoided. What is left rather, are perfectly sleek looking stairs that function as a great place to organize clothes and linens.

Unfortunately, not all of our possessions can be folded up and neatly hidden away. For larger, bulky items, a secret storage unit in the flooring of the stairs is excellent.

Any avid reader can certainly tell you that a book collections is a big space stealer. Make use of otherwise wasted space by turning the stairwell into a home library.

Some entry spaces are simply too small and cramped to fit a console to display decorative pieces such as bowls and jars that also function as hideaway places for keys and mail. Building shelves under your stairwell to store these items is the perfect solution.

Do you think stairwell storage space is something you would try in your home? Comment below!

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