Decorating Up A Staircase

Q. What can I do along our staircase to the second floor in our new home to create something different on the walls? I like pictures of the family but I wouldn’t know how to put them on the incline.

A. How you place your pictures on your stairway wall depends on your style and design theme throughout your home. Don’t feel as though you have to follow the angle of the stairs when hanging artwork or pictures on a stairway wall. That is one way of designing your wall, but think about grouping the pictures in a rectangular shaped arrangement or even oval, depending on the size of the wall.

Several pictures hung as an arrangement should have a common thread, like frame colour or shade or mat colour. Visual subject matter, such as the family pictures you are decorating with, is another theme that works cohesively. A good starting point for planning any artwork grouping is to first sketch your ideas on paper and then choose the arrangement that best suits your style. Or lay the pieces you’re considering on the floor until you’re happy with the grouping, take a photo and then use the photo to remind you of what goes where.



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