5 Tips On Decorating For Kids From Blogger Oh Joy

Joy Cho, of the wildly popular blog Oh Joy!, is known for her fun, whimsical style and affection for color and pattern. With two sweet little girls, Ruby and Coco, the mom, blogger and creative business woman has mastered the art of baby-proofing without compromising style. Read this graphic designer-turned-lifestyle guru’s top tips for kid-friendly decor. H&H’s Stacy Lee Kong sat down with Joy for some great advice. Here’s what she had to say…

1. Invest in key pieces

Oh Joy's Tips On Decorating For Kids

Start with a few key pieces that will last pretty much forever — or for a really long time! You want to spend the most money on your dresser and bookshelves and a crib that will eventually turn into a bed. Those things should feel classic, whatever classic feels to you. In our daughter Ruby’s room, we went with white furniture that had mid-century modern angles.

2. Treat trends as your “top layer”

Oh Joy's Tips On Decorating For Kids

If you think of your furniture as the base layer, then your next layer is your preferred colors, patterns and accent pieces. Those things can be swapped out easily, but the key and more expensive pieces can stay the same for years and years.

3. Prioritize mix and match

Oh Joy's Tips On Decorating For Kids

This is really about practicality. If one pillowcase gets dirty, you don’t necessarily want to feel like now the whole set has to get washed. You want to be able to pull another pillowcase from your linen closet and it’ll be fine and still works together.

4. Ditch the themed room

Oh Joy's Tips On Decorating For Kids

People used to be all about themes in kids’ rooms. Which makes sense, because kids’ rooms are the one time you can really do that — if you went all out on a theme in a grown-up room people would just think that you were weird! But when you think about it, that’s not practical. You might get sick of it; your child might not like circuses, when they eventually figure out what a circus is… That’s why I always emphasize a look that’s more custom, not about characters. And I think that these days there are definitely more options that are both kid-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Make temporary swaps for safety’s sake

Oh Joy's Tips On Decorating For Kids

To me, safety comes first over aesthetics. Before I had a daughter, I was like, “I’m never going to compromise what I have in my house for a kid! You just teach them how to not bump into things!” But it’s not realistic. Once your daughter runs into a corner — which mine has — and gets a black eye, you decide you don’t want the next time to be worse. It’s easy to make small changes, and they’re not going to be forever. In our living room, we removed a coffee table and got a big ottoman pouf for the centre of the room. We still accessorize, we still have artwork on the walls, but they’re just all up where she can’t reach them.



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  • Stacy and Joy, ottomans are a life saver! When my girls were babies/toddlers, the ottoman was the perfect coffee table replacement. Those cushioned edges probably saved us from a ton of head bump accidents and close calls. In addition to your list, I’d add adorable storage options to the mix. Whether its for the living room or the kids’ bedroom, stylish storage baskets or crates could be the ultimate toy box.