Two DIY Projects For Kids’ Rooms

There is nothing like a quick DIY project to bring personality into a kid’s room. Fellow editor Sarah Hartill and I recently cooked up these two quick and inexpensive projects for our wee ones with classic items: a simple frame and small craft table.

Here’s a breakdown of the two projects:

1. Kids Art

A basic frame (we love birch) becomes instant pocket book-friendly art when you tuck a piece of robot wrapping paper inside. (Sarah found this great paper at The Paper Place). To finish off the frame, use a simple strip of patterned masking tape (available at DeSerres) layered around the edge. Couldn’t be simpler or more effective!

2. Cool Crafting Table

For this DIY, a little kids’ table gets a good coat of blackboard paint on every surface (bring on the chalk!). Next, we screwed in two giant cup hooks into the underside, and cut a dowel to fit the length of the table to hold a roll of kraft paper and voila, instant paper dispenser. Seriously, it was that easy. To finish things off, we added the same patterned tape in a different colour around the edges of the table.

Try these projects yourself if you have some free time next week!

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Photo credits:
1-3. Sarah Hartill

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