Linoleum Flooring

Editor’s Wish List: Linoleum Floors

Senior design editor Stacey Smithers on why she thinks linoleum floors are making a comeback. 
Stacey-Smithers-FeaturedImgI’ve recently been thinking a lot about linoleum — really! My husband and I just bought a 1930s-1940s era home, and there’s vinyl flooring running throughout our kitchen, powder room and entryway that’s seen much better days. While tile is the obvious choice to replace it, I keep coming back to good old linoleum.

Because it’s so often confused with cheap vinyl floors, I think linoleum gets a musty, drab and generally bad rap. We’ve forgotten that, back in its heyday, linoleum was once considered a luxury material. It was even used in the ballroom of the Titanic (for all you odd decor fact-gatherers out there!).

Linoleum is also among the “greenest” options for flooring, since it’s made from all-natural materials: linseed oil, pine resins, recycled wood flour, cork dust, limestone and mineral pigments, all mounted on jute backing. Plus, it’s naturally antibacterial, biodegradable, soft underfoot and easy to clean. You can even cut it and inlay pieces to create all sorts of cool patterns. Sounds good to me!

Need some more convincing? Check out these inspiring installations…

Linoleum Flooring

Here are some of my favorite flooring resources if you’d like to give linoleum a spin yourself:

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  • I’m an interior decorator, and I’m a HUGE fan of linoleum and VCT (vinyl composite tile). My hubby and I installed it ourselves 15 years ago in our 1939 home, and I still love it. I’ve had ceramic tile (which killed my back) and hardwood (which is prone to wear and water damage). Lino is definitely a great option with lots of options in regard to colors and designs. You can check out our kitchen floor design here:

  • A professionally installed linoleum vinyl floor that is exceptionally well installed can fool many a visitor into thinking your flooring cost much more than it really did!