Creative Home Office

Recently, my colleague Matthew Hague got me thinking about effective live-work spaces. How do you fit your desk into your living room? Or, more importantly for me, how do I distance myself from the refrigerator or television? This is especially problematic in my family’s open-concept home. That’s why I love this interior by Australian firm Nexus Designs. The team rejigged the layout of an ordinary Melbourne apartment into one that offers a secluded workspace when needed:

The firm aims for “design longevity, not disposability” and this project exemplifies that stance. A large sliding wall separates the home office from the rest of the contemporary apartment. Guests can also use the enclosed space as a private bedroom. I love the colour of the moving wall as well, as builder-basic white usually prevails when it comes to sliding panels. Simple, but effective!

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Photo credits:
1-3. Nexus Designs, photography by Earl Carter

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