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As someone who lives in a small apartment, I envy people who have enough space to dedicate a corner, let alone an entire room, to a proper home office. Typing at a bar table (which is the largest table we could fit in our living room/dining room) just isn’t any fun, so I took to the web to find creative solutions. Here are my favourite small-space office ideas:

Photo Home Office Storage

This ultra-cute space from Benita Larsson of the blog, Chez Larsson, is a great example of how a tiny corner can be turned into a functional home office. The office features lots of cubbies for storage and organization, and at only 35” x 31”, doesn’t take up a lot of real estate.

Photo Minimalist Home Office

This minimalist home office from Apartment Therapy is perfect for those unencumbered by printers and other computer paraphernalia. Bonus: It also makes an otherwise awkward space functional.

Photo Closet Home Office

If you’re lucky enough to have an empty closet somewhere, this home office via Jem & Onyx is the way to go. I love that you can close the doors and tuck the office away; I’m tired of my cats stealing everything from the keys off my computer keyboard to my pens!

Photo Home Office Ikea Hack

In the same vein as the closet home office, but probably much more practical for the majority of people, is this wonderful Ikea hack. Turning a wardrobe into a self-contained work space is genius.

Photo Home Office Trunk

And finally, leave it to the Japanese to perfect small-space living! This home office on TreeHugger, dubbed the Trunk Station, takes the phrase ‘closing up shop’ literally. When your workday is over, simply close the trunk and roll it away.

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