Inspiring Home Offices

Since I saw this stunning lakefront home office in our May 2011 issue, I’ve been imagining all the things that would make for a great workspace.

Having artwork and inspiration displayed nearby is crucial for me — either on a corkboard, like above, or framed, as in Michael Angus’ Toronto apartment.

Desktop organizers to sort stationery, bills, writing utensils and other miscellaneous objects are also helpful. I can’t focus when I’m surrounded by clutter.

This office by designer Sarah Richardson features something I’ve always wanted — a desk fitted into a bay window. I particularly like the detailed brackets which free up floor space. Fresh flowers are always a nice touch, too.

Colour, a comfortable chair and a pretty but functional lamp are also musts for me, as seen in Michael Penney’s home office.

What are your workspace must-haves?

For more home office ideas check out this photo gallery.

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