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Vote For The Best House & Home Bathroom Of 2017!

Which dreamy design deserves your vote for top spot?


Four Ways To Boost Your Bathroom Style

Design your dream bathroom with these top tips for lighting, flooring, heating and electrical safety. Hire only a licensed electrical contractor for electrical work — it’s the law in Ontario. Find or verify one at Get more tips in our gallery on safe home renos and…


A Tiny Bathroom Makeover On A Budget!

See how H&H's Reiko Caron revamped the retro space.

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How To Bring Modern Style To A New-Build Home

Steal designer Jenna Cadieux's brilliant tips on how to create an inviting atmosphere in a contemporary space.

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Which Clawfoot Tub Is Right For You?

Price aside, weight is a factor when deciding between cast-iron and acrylic tubs. Getting a cast-iron model up to a third floor or through doors can be a deal (and back) breaker. Find the pros and cons of each option below. Cast Iron The heavy-duty construction resists chips…


How To Design A Serene Guest Bedroom Suite

H&H’s Joel Bray takes us inside the third floor of his newly renovated Victorian rowhouse in Toronto.


How To Design A Spa-Like Bathroom Oasis

This sunlit ensuite by designer Ashley Botten has a calming, spa-like ambience. At just 128 square feet, the bathroom is on the smaller side, but thanks to French doors, a sleek glassed-in steam shower tucked into a corner and just a shallow shelf by the tub, it feels bright and spacious.


10 Bathroom Trends You’ll See Everywhere In 2017

Discover ideas that are in vogue now, and will be for years to come.


10 Things Lynda Reeves Loves About Her Bathroom Reno

Get a first look at the elegant, luxurious space.


15 Luxurious Master Suites That Invite Hours Of Relaxation

Browse dreamy escapes to inspire your own sumptuous master suite.


This One Thing Will Add Style To Your Bathroom!

Go beyond the typical bath mat and elevate your bathroom with a stylish rug underfoot.

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This Luxurious Master Suite Is The Epitome Of Relaxation

Escape to the hotel-inspired space.


10 Stunning Shower Ideas For Your Next Bathroom Reno

Each month, designers share their vision of the ideal end-of-day escape in H&H. For some, the perfect bathroom is sleek with an all-white, glassed-in shower — a quiet place to recharge. Others think showers should be showpieces, and relish experimenting with texture, pattern and shine. We can’t pick just one…


How To Design A Serene Master Bedroom Retreat

Step inside designer Colette Varghese's luxurious oasis.


28 Spa-Like Bathrooms That Invite Relaxation

Treat yourself to tranquility with these soothing spaces that invite a long, luxurious soak.