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Conquer Office Clutter

Organize a desk with various containers.

Decorating & Design

Repurpose The Top Of Your China Cabinet

Use the top of your hutch as a solo cabinet.


Add Storage To An Open Vanity With A Pretty Basket

Store extra towels in a wicker basket.

Best Paint Colors

Paint Your Ceiling A Bold Colour

A bright hue livens up a room.

Decorating & Design

Declutter Your Entryway With Floating Storage

Use floating shelves to maximize space.

Decorating & Design

Coordinate Open Storage

Keep open shelving neat in the kitchen.

Decorating & Design

Place The Table Against The Wall

Push your table against the wall in a small space.

Best Paint Colors

Create Depth With Paint

Paint the backs of open shelving.

Decorating & Design

Replace Placemats With Scarves

Use a bright handkerchief on a dining room table.

Decorating & Design

Mix Styles For A Lively Gallery Wall

Take a collected approach to displaying art.

Decorating & Design

Hide Unsightly Storage Spaces

Cover glass door panels with ticking.


Declutter Your Desk With A Clipboard Gallery Wall

Wrangle bills, lists and loose paper.

Decorating & Design

Layer Fabrics With A Similar Palette

It gives a room texture and dimension.

Decorating & Design

Group Glass Vessels For A Summery Feel

Pretty turquoise glass is a good seasonal choice.


Replate Metals To Update A Tub

Add a rich look with warm metals.