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Decorating & Design

Match Flowers To Wallpaper

Create a striking 3D effect on floral papers.


Wrap A Box Spring

How to give a bed a fresh summer look.

Decorating & Design

Try Suitcases As Storage

Vintage cases hold seasonal items and linens.

Decorating & Design

Keep Jewelry In Dainty Dishware

Vintage teacups accent the delicacy of jewelry.

Decorating & Design

Hang A Full-Length Mirror Sideways

An easy fix in a long space.

Decorating & Design

Sub In A Table For An Island

Lighten up with a vintage find.

Decorating & Design

Install Outdoor Curtains

Block an air conditioner with flowy drapes.

Best Paint Colors

Fake Architectural Detail With Paint

Lend dimension with trompe-l'oeuil wainscotting.