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Decorating & Design

Paring Back For Spring

The new spring cleaning? Living with less.

Decorating & Design

Shopping For A Sofa

Tips for buying a timeless piece.

Decorating & Design

Trading In Typical Nightstands

Tips for choosing an alternative.

Decorating & Design

Embracing Furniture Without Closed Storage

3 reasons why less is more.

Decorating & Design

Adding Industrial Elements

3 ways to warm up a tired kitchen.

Decorating & Design

Mixing Trad & Modern

3 tips for updating traditional spaces.

Offices & Workspaces

Organizing Home Offices

3 ways to create a tidy and efficient space.

Decorating & Design

Amping Up Windows

3 steps to create a DIY faux windowsill.

Decorating & Design

Pretty Party Favours

3 steps to creating sweet parting gifts.


Dressing A Holiday Table

3 ways to master a tasteful table setting.


How To Improve Party Flow

3 pointers for furniture placement.

Entryways & Mudrooms

Sprucing Up Your Entryway

3 tips for making a great first impression.


How To Set Up A Great Bar

3 things to consider before a holiday party.

Decorating & Design

Playing With Pattern

3 pointers for mixing textiles.

Decorating & Design

Large-Scale Lighting

3 reasons to choose oversized pendant lights.