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Decorating & Design

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3 steps to creating sweet parting gifts.


Dressing A Holiday Table

3 ways to master a tasteful table setting.


How To Improve Party Flow

3 pointers for furniture placement.

Entryways & Mudrooms

Sprucing Up Your Entryway

3 tips for making a great first impression.


How To Set Up A Great Bar

3 things to consider before a holiday party.

Decorating & Design

Playing With Pattern

3 pointers for mixing textiles.

Decorating & Design

Large-Scale Lighting

3 reasons to choose oversized pendant lights.


Bunny Williams’ Entertaining Tips

Kimberley Brown's interview with the NYC designer.

Decorating & Design

Refresh Your Kitchen

Three ways to spruce up the hub of every party!

Design News

Suzanne Dimma’s Favourite Fabrics

Learn her tips for mixing patterns.


Ali Budd’s Decorating Tricks

The Toronto designer's advice for family rooms.

Decorating & Design

Smarter Walls

Three great reasons to swap your art for storage.

Decorating & Design

Match Flowers To Wallpaper

Create a striking 3D effect on floral papers.

Decorating & Design

Try Suitcases As Storage

Vintage cases hold seasonal items and linens.

Decorating & Design

Hang A Full-Length Mirror Sideways

An easy fix in a long space.