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In This Segment

Anna Olson, host of The Food Network's Sugar, shares one of her go-to fall recipes. See why Anna roasts her chicken in a Dutch oven, and why she picks vinaigrette dressing for this dish over a traditional gravy. Try these three easy comfort-food recipes for a Sunday supper. (Print out the recipes here.)

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Cast-iron open roaster, cast-iron Dutch oven, cast-iron skillet, all by Kuraidori, through Home Hardware. Kitchen by Barbara Purdy Design.


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Lynda Reeves

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Sheri Graham Delagran

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Jason Stickley

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Ryan Louis


Patrick Malone

Erin Gulas

Jessica Bahia

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Michael Zimmermann

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Julie Whyte

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Anna Olson

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Runtime: 3:46
Released: September 09, 2013
Featuring: Anna Olson
Channel: Food