Fabulous Fall Centerpieces

Fall is my favourite time of year and I love decorating a seasonal table — whether it’s simple or ornate, the visual appeal comforts me. When I was at interior design school, I took an accessories class and one of the projects was setting a table. I couldn’t have been happier! My group and I had a blast rounding up dinnerware, table linens and of course, accessories! We selected a fall theme (see a pattern?) and scored top marks.

Centerpieces don’t always have to go on a dining or kitchen table, you can place them on your coffee table, hall table or even your mantel. Here’s some inspiration for you from some of my favourite stores:

This Oak Leaf Wreath from Crate & Barrel is a great addition to the already popular hurricane vase trend and an easy way to add a pop of colour to a dark table. Not just for Thanksgiving, you can pull off this everyday look through fall.

If you like the simplicity of tall candles, try adding Crate & Barrel’s Scatter Leaves along the table for a relaxed and casual look.

Pottery Barn’s Dried Pumpino Vase Filler can be added to vases, trays and bowls that you already have around the house. You can also add ribbon, bushels of wheat, acorns, dried corn, flowers or gourds to add some great texture and colour.

I found this look from Elle Courtney Events, and I love that it would work throughout November and into December. If you’re not into the garland on the table, you can opt for a leaf option. For the holidays, swap the nuts for cranberries.

For more inspiration, see our Fall Decorating Ideas photo gallery.

Photo credits:
1. Oak Leaf Wreath, Crate & Barrel
2. Scatter Leaves, Crate & Barrel
3. Dried Pumpino Vase Filler, Pottery Barn
4. Elle Courtney Events

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