Photo Gallery: Designer Windsor Smith's Luxe Interiors

When it comes to creating beautiful spaces, it's all about the mix for Windsor Smith. The L.A. designer brings together old and new, formal and fun, dark and light — as well as a dash of the unexpected — for rooms with both elegance and personality. These 13 spaces showcase how Smith's offbeat approach yields stunning results.

  • Malibu Beach House

    Mix solids and pattern for a sweet combination.

    "Awning stripes instantly give a room a beachy feeling," says Smith. "Add sorbet pink to the mix, and then chinoiserie wallpaper panels for an air of sophistication."

    Designer: Windsor Smith

  • Greystone Manor Master Bath

    Add a punch of purple to enhance any room.

    "Pops of colour bring a room to life," says Smith, one of contributing designers of the Greystone Manor showhome in Beverly Hills. In the master bath, a gold-plated marble vanity plus fuchsia velvet chair and ottoman amp up the luxury. "The lavender toreador costume was the pièce de resistance!" notes Windsor.

    Designer: Windsor Smith

  • Dining Room Armchair

    Add an armchair to the dining room table.

    Smith breaks the rules and creates interest in the dining room by replacing traditional chairs with a yellow tufted armchair and a striped couch.

    Designer: Windsor Smith

  • Mix Styles For Sophistication

    Create interest with juxtaposing elements. 

    "I like combining mid-century modern chairs with Federal farmhouse architecture," says Smith. She also advises using interesting accessories, such as this burnished gold headpiece, to give a room a worldly feeling.

    Designer: Windsor Smith

  • Pewter Accents

    Hits of pewter add impact to a shelf or wall.

    Smith uses petwer accents, such as mugs and frames, to compliment grey tones and add metallic interest in this pantry area and hallway. A grey-blue paint on the cabinetry echoes the cool metal hue. 

    Designer: Windsor Smith

  • Symmetrical Mirrors

    Symmetry grounds a room. 

    "I instantly feel at home in a space that has walls mirroring one another," claims Smith. "There's nothing like groupings hung symmetrically to ground a room."

    Designer: Windsor Smith

  • Dark And Dreamy Bedroom

    Light details pop against a dark background.

    Smith confesses she has always loved dark, dreamy bedrooms: "They insprire and encourage racy behaviour!" Light details, such as the white marble and moldings seen here, come alive against a saturated backdrop.

    Designer: Windsor Smith

  • Impromptu Patterned Ottoman

    Leave room for the unexpected.

    "In a panicked flurry, I snatched my son's bedspread off his bed to finish off this room in the House of Windsor," says Smith. "Sometimes the piece that makes it all come together isn’t planned. I rely heavily on divine intervention."

    Designer: Windsor Smith

  • Architectural Coffered Ceiling

    Use repurposed materials to get a historic look.

    "I love to use 'found' architectural elements to give a new home a sense of history," says  Smith. "This coffered ceiling in the master dressing room was repurposed from a horse ranch in West Virginia."

    Designer: Windsor Smith

  • Simple Symmetrical Bathroom

    Keep a bathroom clean and simple with symmetry.

    "I was under the spell of Axel Vervoordt when I designed this kids' shared bath," notes Smith of Los Angeles. "At a dinner in his home in Venice, Italy, he said: 'Get simple right. No one does!'”

    Designer: Windsor Smith

  • Windsor Smith's Inspiration Trick

    A confident room for a confident woman.

    "When I am at a loss for inspiration, a little trick of mine is to imagine someone legendary in a space," says Smith. "Silm Keith inspired this stable, it is masculine and confident like she was!"

    Designer: Windsor Smith

  • Windsor Smith's Favourite Living Room

    Mix elegant and contemporary elements.

    "This is my favourite room in the world! It combines everything I love," gushes Smith. "Elegant proportions, antiques, contemporary photography and art."

    Designer: Windsor Smith

  • Living Room With Jute Rug

    Add a casual rug to warm up a formal room.

    Juxtapose formal with causal whenever possible. "This jute rug unbuttons this lavish sitting room. It’s fuzzy with a dash of Prozac!" jokes Smith.

    Designer: Windsor Smith