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Ask A Chef: Lovage’s Jamie Crosby Shares His Recipes for a Sweet and Spicy Cucumber Salad

A freshy, springy salad.


3 Fresh Recipe Ideas For Chicken, Salmon And More!

From Lemony Spaghetti Squash with Burrata and Herbs to Crispy Chicken Thighs over Vinegar Beans.


Spicy Tofu Nuggets and Tahini Ranch

A vegetarian take on buffalo chicken wings.


Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Green Olive Dressing

An earthy, green rub topped with a charred vegetable.


Cumin Lime Black Bean Burgers

Veggie burgers that are not too dry or too squishy.


The Best Recipes For Your Easter Feast

Plan a classic Easter dinner with some of H&H's best holiday recipes.


Baked Salmon with Gremolata Crust

Quick and simple salmon with a citrusy topping.


Flank Steak Salad with Crispy White Beans

A mixture of marinade red-meat and delicious, protein-packed crispy topping.


Flourless Chocolate, Hazelnut and Espresso Cake

A rich, dark dessert.

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3 Healthy Mediterranean-inspired Dishes To Cook This Week

Vanessa Perrone's new cookbook is filled with easy-to-make, delicious recipes.

Chefs We Love

Christie Peters’ Pork Sausage with Brown Butter Crab Apple Purée and Sauerkraut

Humble ingredients are transformed into a beautiful dish.

Chefs We Love

Emma Cardarelli’s Sunflower-roasted Brussels Sprouts

A fun, vegetable-forward take on skewers.

Chefs We Love

Steven Molnar’s Roasted Bone Marrow & Argentinian Shrimp

A modern update on surf and turf.

Chefs We Love

Susur Lee’s Singapore-style Slaw with Ume Dressing

The Toronto chef shares his signature recipe.