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In This Episode

Converted Storefront Kitchen

Umbra co-founder Paul Rowan and partner Marcee Ruby discuss how they created their dream kitchen in a converted, century-old flower shop. See how they took metal bookcases and flipped them upside down to make kitchen shelves. Discover the perfect accents that Paul chose to make this kitchen feel like an interesting bistro.

Luxury Liner-Inspired Kitchen

When designer Theresa Casey converted her hall closet into a kitchen, she made the most of storage but still included clean, open surfaces and a display area. The luxe cherry cabinets framed with brass recalls an Art Deco ocean liner cabin. See why Theresa doesn't miss her old kitchen, which was four times larger!

Cecconi+Simone Compact Condo

Anna Simone of Cecconi Simone Inc.  explains how she equipped a 600-sq.-ft. Toronto condo for urban lifestyles. The expanding kitchen island, flip-up cabinet doors, and moveable walls illustrate the firm's clever approach to small spaces, and Anna explains why texture, not colour, warms up a space.



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Executive Producer

Lynda Reeves

Director Online TV Production

Sheri Graham Delagran

Director of Photography

Jason Stickley

Segment Producer

Ryan Louis


Patrick Malone

Erin Gulas


Michele Brown

Digital Director

Michael Zimmermann

Online Designer

Julie Whyte

Special thanks to

Anne Simone

Copyright 2014


Location, The High Park; design, Cecconi Simone; developer, North Drive.

Runtime: 5:47
Released: March 03, 2014
Featuring: Anna Simone
Channel: Home Tour