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In This Segment

Learn how Montreal designer Martine Brisson mixed different styles, colours, materials and patterns in one sprawling converted warehouse for a well-travelled artist. Tour the hotel-like lounge area, dramatic dining room for 18 guests, dark kitchen, principal suite and daring red media room. Plus, learn Brisson's tips for adding drama to small spaces, too.

See more of this loft in the Maison & Demeure December/January 2013 issue.

See sources

Interior design, Martine Brisson, 514 476-3371, ; millwork, Les Entreprises HRB, 514 241-1960 ; painting, Rénovation Deschênes, 514 585-5540 ou

Living room : Blue Kingam throw, Beige, 514 989-8585, 613 761-7373 ou ; side tables, table lamps, floor lamp, Celadon Collection, 514 932-3306 ou ; rug, Martha Stewart, Tapis H. Lalonde & Frère, 514 271-3555 ou ; Union Jack sofa, Andrew Martin, ; mauve and green tufted sofas, Montauk Sofa, ; coffee table by Bruno Gérard, Interversion, 514 284-2103 ou ; door made out of Argentinian wood, Spazio Antiquités Architecturales, 514 384-4343, ;  wood flooring, Création Mozaïka, 514 691-2109,; chimney, JP Transfer 514 947-8134 ; metal, custom chrome, Ca-Sa Inox, 450 424-2770, ; custom decorative metal, JP Transfer 514 947-8134; wallpaper installation, J. C. Wick Décor, 514 944-3653.

Library : Coffee table, side table, table lamp, Celadon Collection, as above; mauve and green tufted sofas, Montauk Sofa, as above ; rug, Linen Weave Inde, Tapis H. Lalonde & Frère, as above ; custom chimney and bookcase, JP Transfer 514 947-8134 ; green bottles, Beige, as above ; bamboo console table, table lamp (on console table), Bergdorf pillows in Chocolate, Celadon Collection, as above ; custom staircase, Peter Lanken Architecte, 514 842-2202.

Kitchen and dining room : White vases, Beige, as above ; custom table, Design From Paris,, built by Les Créations Dimitri, 514 276-1979, ; chairs, mirror, Les Créations Dimitri, as above ; Tom Dixon pendants, Latitude Nord, 514 287-9038, ; armoires, Tendances Concept, 1 877 438-3388 ou ; velvet drapes, Les Installations Décoratives, 514 992-7649.

Principal bedroom : Beige and cream bedding, Beige, as above ; white couch, Celadon Collection, as above ; bedside table, Tola Montreal, 514 272-8500, ; orange Tolomeo lamp, Artemide, 514 788-3788, ; sculpted wood panels from Bali, Asiatides,

Media room : Pendants, Atomic Suspension, Phil'z 20th Century Design, 514 278-2323 ; custom sofa, Perez Furniture, 514 933-3993, ; recycled tire coffee table, Montauk Sofa, ; side table, Celadon Collection, as above; finish on wood walls, Pied Pouce, 514 914-3833 ou ; audio design, Jean-Luc Louradour, Adgil Design,



Lynda Reeves


Sheri Graham Delagran


Jason Stickley


Ryan Louis


Patrick Malone
Erin Gulas


Michael Zimmermann


Julie Aubie

Runtime: 6:22
Released: March 31, 2013
Featuring: Martine Brisson
Channel: Home Tour