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Runtime: 6:28
Release Date: September 10, 2012
Featuring: Maxime Vandal

Maxime Vandal and Richard Ouellette — of Montreal design firm Les Ensembliers — show off their spacious Victorian home with a modern gallery feel. Tour their bright entryway, square dining room, large kitchen, cosy upstairs den and luxurious principal suite. Learn their tricks for choosing well-scaled furniture, mixing traditional and contemporary elements, and adding colour through art.

See more of this home in our October 2012 issue, plus find more of Les Ensembliers’ work in this photo gallery.

  • Sources

    Design, architecture, custom furniture, Les Ensembliers, (514) 938-4424 or; art consultation, Marjolaine Arpin, ArtActuel,; all artworks, Art Mûr, (514) 933-0711 or, and Clarence Gagnon, (418) 435-2428 or; floral arrangements (throughout), Flore, (514) 488-3555 or

    Entryway: Runner, The Red Carpet & Rug Company, (416) 363-0905, (514) 989-1111 or; vases, Fleurs de Juin, (514) 933-2520.

    Dining room: Chandelier, Télio (to the trade), 1-877-254-9855 or; chair and ottoman fabrics, Crescendo Wallcovering & Fabrics (to the trade), (514) 933-0067 or

    Living room: Sofa fabric, pillow fabric, Crescendo Wallcovering & Fabrics (to the trade), as above; accent chairs, Celadon Collection, (514) 789-1542 or; rug, Tapis H. Lalonde, (514) 271-3555 or; ceramic stool, Tango Martini Chinese Antiques, (514) 937-6034 or

    Kitchen: Backsplash tiles, Ann Sacks,; counters, Granit Design, (819) 876-7111 or; Gaggenau appliances, Signature Bachand, (514) 344-2425 or; lighting, Restoration Hardware, 1-800-910-9836 or; cabinet fabrication, Ébénisterie Louiseville, (819) 228-5527 or; dishes, accessories, Arthur Quentin, (514) 843-7513 or

    Dressing area: Secretary, Galerie M, (514) 564-3600 or; ottoman fabric, Télio (to the trade), as above.

    Bathroom: Tub, Batimat, (514) 735-5747 or; curtain fabric, Crescendo Wallcovering & Fabrics (to the trade), as above; bath linens, Toile Sur Rendez-Vous, (514) 486-2424 or; ceramic stool, Tango Martini Chinese Antiques, as above; side table, Celadon Collection, as above; vanity fabrication, Ébénisterie Louiseville, as above; faucets, Batimat, (514) 735-5747 or; accessories, Boutique Marie Dumas, (514) 932-9977.

    Guest bedroom: Bed fabric, Crescendo Wallcovering & Fabrics (to the trade), as above; bedding, Toile Sur Rendez-Vous, as above, and Ben & Tournesol, (514) 481-5050 or; rug, Tapis H. Lalonde, as above; ottoman, Celadon Collection, as above.

  • Credits

    Lynda Reeves

    Sheri Graham Delagran

    Jason Stickley

    Ryan Louis

    Reiko Caron

    Andrew Noddin

    Michael Kadis

    Jessica Piekarski

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