Find A Designer

“Where can I find a designer?”

We hear this question a lot. And while we can’t recommend one over another, we can make a few suggestions. Select a province below to find a design professional or interior designer near you. If you want your home to look like the ones you see in House & Home, check out this listing of some of the designers whose work we’ve featured most often.

You’ll find their contact info, a statement about their approach and photos of their work (where available). Contact one of the associations for interior designers or decorators for access to trained and registered professionals in their field. If your province doesn’t have one, try the national association. And, of course, ask trusted friends and family whose interiors you like for the name of their designer. Never underestimate the power of old-fashioned word of mouth. Note to designers: If your name appears on this listing and you’d like to update your contact info, profile or photos, please email us. Thanks!

Alan Leung
Alan Leung Design
(416) 927-9993
I do varying degrees of traditional to classic modern, using sculptural art deco furnishings as beautiful objects.
Alda Pereira
Alda Pereira Design
(604) 736-2179
My design style is approachable modern: forward thinking, innovative, intelligent and fresh with an architectural focus.
Alex Chapman
Chapman Design Group
(416) 597-1576
Our style is fun, colourful and user-aware. Although our portfolio is broad, there is a base of fairly classic and contemporary style. We work in a variety of destinations and climates.
Andrea Crawford
Andrea Crawford Interior Design
(416) 760-0738
I try to create homes that reflect my clients’ personal style. I prefer traditional homes that are warm with a young feeling over stylized or trendy homes.
Anne Hepfer
Anne Hepfer Designs
(416) 800-2485
We specialize in the creation of seductively current yet timeless interiors. Couture workmanship is our stock in trade.
Anne Swain
Annabelles Interior Design
(416) 929-4854
My interiors are mainly traditional with a nod to contemporary.
Arriz Hassam
(416) 504-7539
Atelier de l’Opéra
(514) 935-6245
Barb Ivey
Ivey Design Concepts
(416) 961-7153
Barb Ivey will help you achieve your goals using her impeccable colour sense and wonderful grasp of scale and proportion.
Barbara MacDonald
Barbara MacDonald Interior Design
(416) 513-1818
I don’t specialize in one particular look — I mix styles together to suit each homeowner’s needs and lifestyle.
Barbara Purdy
Barbara Purdy Design
(416) 784-3400
I create stylish, comfortable interiors that impeccably reflect the personal taste of our clients and seamlessly blend aesthetics with function.
Brian Gluckstein
Gluckstein Design Planning
(416) 928-2067
We take an eclectic approach to the interior design of large-scale projects by creating classic spaces with a modern view.
Bruce Wilkin
Bruce Wilkin Design
(250) 598-0355
I like to use high-quality materials in innovative ways that are functional, focused, and tailored. I specialize in designing and building renovations and new houses.
Bruce Wilson
Bruce Wilson Canada
(250) 385-9204
My look is romantic modernism: clean lines and pure spaces with elements that are familiar and domestic in feel. I often use eccentric gestures to create soul.
Carol McFarlane
Carol McFarlane Design
(416) 967-7766
I aim for casual elegance with a sense of sophistication. I am not a minimalist — I love colour too.
Carolyne Harrison
Carolyne Harrison Interiors
(514) 849-3901
I create eclectic, sophisticated interiors with a European edge.
Christine Johnson
Johnson & Associates
(416) 769-1958
I do transitional design with a relaxed elegance based on each homeowner’s lifestyle. I mix old and new, contemporary and modern.
Christopher Wood
L.A. Design
(416) 363-4470
My design style is best described as clean, comfortable and contemporary.
Colleen McGill
McGill Design Group
(416) 961-3222
My style is absolute, understated elegance. Whether it’s classic or modern, I believe a space should feel uncluttered and serene.
Connie Braemer
Connie Braemer Design
(416) 960-8556
I like clean lines with a lot of function built in. I use warm and natural materials in a simple and contemporary way.
Dan Menchions & Keith Rushbrook
II BY IV Design Associates
(416) 531-2224
Our team is devoted to strategies that incorporate consistent vision and brand imagery, innovative thinking and cost-effective delivery. Our credo is ‘design magically, think practically’.
Dana Kosich
Hiatus Design
(416) 763-8998
I do both classic traditional and modern interiors. I have a strong modernist background and I tend to meld the two design principles.
David Hepworth
SITU Design
(604) 682-3532
Our design style is spare, clean, casual design with a respect for craftsmanship.
David Powell & Fenwick Bonnell
Powell & Bonnell Design Consultants
(416) 964-6210
Our work is clever, offbeat, solution-oriented and innovative. We use our appreciation of the objects and cultures of yesterday and today to create a strong and identifiable style that deftly blends classical and modern.
David Ripley
Beacon Hill Design
(902) 542-4767
We work closely with homeowners to translate their requirements into a successful space. Attention to each and every detail is a primary concern.
David Zacharko & David Yustin
David Zacharko Architect
(604) 688-8814
As architects and designers, we strive to create beauty and harmony through the integration of interior and exterior designs with a sense of luxury, style and comfort — not only enhancing the environment, but creating a reflection of our client.
Dee Dee Taylor Eustace
Taylor Hannah Architect
(416) 920-7899
Timeless and elegant with a touch of femininity. I reinterpret the past using modern materials in large-scale homes, cottages and country homes.
Del Weale
Del Weale Interior Design
(416) 730-8558
My designs lean towards traditional, with a level of comfort, practicality and function. I have no signature design: I specialize in individual looks and style.
Dina Theodoropoulos
DS Interiors
(416) 938-5015
I favour a warm, livable, modern look that’s clean and comfortable. Using custom millwork, I mould interior spaces around the needs of homeowners.
Douglas Cridland
Douglas Cridland Interior Design
(403) 228-0636
Sleek and sophisticated with a masculine edge and an emphasis on original artwork, rich colours and a mix of styles.
Douglas Gill
Douglas Gill Limited
(519) 672-6001 or (416) 920-7304
Elaine Cecconi & Anna Simone
Cecconi Simone
(416) 588-5900
Our designs are clean and contemporary. Our work is timeless, not trendy. Palettes are neutral and calming; we use colour sparingly through natural materials and accents.
Elizabeth de Jong
De Jong Designs
(416) 605-8980
My designs are functionally classic with an emphasis on good bones, comfort and balance. They tend to be timeless but current and fresh.
Eric McClelland
Fleur-de-lis Interior Design
(416) 929-8599
We create clean-lined, modern interiors that blend custom millwork with retro or eclectic accents.
Gary Zanner
Babcock Zanner
(416) 920-8162
We design residential and commercial interiors from clean and tailored to sophisticated country, but always with a relaxed and comfortable feeling.
Gloria Ferazzutti
Ferazzutti Design
(416) 975-8664
My style is classic contemporary. I use the classic rules of proportion and scale with a contemporary twist, such as using antiques in a modern setting.
Heather McCormick
Room Service
(905) 849-7311
My design style is timeless and eclectic. I love to mix old with new.
Heintzman Sanborn Architecture & Interior Design
(416) 658-9926
We design homes with the clean lines of classic spaces and minimal decoration. We are inventive in adapting classical and traditional models to today’s lifestyles.
Holly Dyment
Holly Dyment Design
(416) 921-7810
I design colourful, clean rooms with an extensive use of pattern and an Indian feel.
Jacqueline Corea & Reena Sotropa
Corea Sotropa Interior Design
(403) 686-8488
We are a collaborative practice that emphasizes sumptuous materials in a wide range of settings for residential interiors. You could call our style "Prairie Romantic". We team up with associate trades people to see a project through renovations, then we move on to room design and consultations for design ideas, furniture arrangement, finishing choices and lighting options.
Jacquelyn Marshall
Jacquelyn Marshall Residential Interiors
(905) 681-0780
I like a mixed, diverse look. I create a fresh personal expression for each homeowner.
James McIntyre & Ronald Bills
McIntyre Bills Corporation
(403) 205-3888
We respond to the style and taste of each client, and aim to express their individuality in each home.
Jane Charron
Jane L. Charron Interiors
(514) 862-1223
We design fresh sophisticated interiors and turnkey properties. Our style is everyday elegance with a contemporary twist. Always inviting.
Janice Lindsay
Pink Colour + Design
(416) 961-6281
I like to break rules: set up a contemporary room and then throw in a primitive or traditional piece, or the reverse.
Jeanette Hlinka
Jeanette Hlinka Design
(416) 530-4133
My interiors are spare, clean and peaceful. My work is client driven but the common denominator is a simple look with an uncommon mix of furnishing and accessory styles.
Jeffrey Douglas
Douglas Design Studio
(416) 538-4692
I’m known for my consistency in attention to detail. I use a combination of traditional and modern design; I’m inspired by different styles as well as what my clients prefer.
Jennifer Worts
Jennifer Worts Design Inc.
(416) 481-3563
Whether designing an urban home of understated elegance or a casual country retreat, Jennifer intelligently blends design styles, materials, and architectural detailing to create alluring and livable spaces for her clients.
Jessica Cotton
Jessica Cotton Design
(416) 536-2351
We specialize in creating beautifully tailored spaces, with soft sculptural hits of the unexpected.
Jill Kantelberg
kantelberg + co
(416) 964-0192
We believe in individuality. Incorporating anachronistic elements to create tasteful and exciting environments. Eschewing what is abundantly available vs. what is unique makes all the difference down the road for an interior that only gets better with time.
John Barnwell
J.R. Barnwell Design, Inc.
(416) 923-3390
Julia West & Isabella Dabrowiecki
Julia West Home
(800) 300-9390
We pride ourselves on creating homes that truly resonate with the residents. We have also developed several lines of furniture and textiles, all rooted in tradition and function.
Julie Charbonneau
(514) 845-5050
I adapt the classics of French design to contemporary lifestyles. I mix old and new and set different materials, tones and textures side by side.
Julie Wakely
Wakely and Company
(416) 999-2414
I specialize in classic interiors, whether contemporary, traditional or country. I enjoy mixing materials to create interesting floor designs to give focus to my interiors — like slate and 100-year-old hemlock, or oak and granite.
Karen Cole
Cole Design Studio
(416) 975-5383
My style has been described as classic with an edge, though not too traditional and definitely not trendy. Function and comfort are key elements for me. In collaboration with my clients, I create personal and evocative spaces — I want them to love where they live!
Kate Thornley-Hall
Kate Thornley-Hall
(416) 357-5007
Kate Zeidler
Kate Zeidler Interior Design,
(416) 924-3750
My work reflects a harmonious, soothing, classic environment using beautiful textures, chic antiques, gorgeous area carpets and contemporary art.
Katherine Newman & Peter Cebulak
Katherine Newman Design
(416) 961-5675
We help the client express their tastes and facilitate their functional needs. We operate on the philosophy that all aspects of design should be considered in unison.
Kelly Deck
Kelly Deck Design
(604) 877-0323
I believe a home should be effortless and elegant. The interiors my team creates are a careful assembly of restrained finish choices, thoughtful details and quiet furnishings.
Kerry Johnson & Ian McLeod
Johnson & McLeod Design Consultants
(604) 733-6523
Our design relies on a well-proportioned background and an eclectic yet ruthlessly edited foreground — not quite minimalist, but with very few extraneous details.
Lisa Worth
Worth Interior Design
Aurora, ON
(905) 751-0061
My style is classic but not formal. I prefer the look of?casual elegance and clean lines tempered with warmth and whimsy. I specialize in custom kitchens, wall units and floor/lighting plans.
Marieke Burgers
MBI Interiors
(604) 926-6058
I select natural materials of high quality and apply simple, pared-down detailing. My specialty is finishing a house’s architectural features.
Marnie Mancini
Marnie Mancini Interior Design
(416) 385-9559
My interiors are eclectic, functional, flexible and comfortable. I do everything from shabby chic to ultramodern and even traditional. Every house I do is different.
Marylou Morgan
Dean-Cadman Interior Design
(416) 960-5077
My look is comfortable, updated, classic. I like using cleaned-lined antiques with modern pieces that have or will become classics.
Melody Duron
Melody Duron Interiors
(416) 482-2552
My style is classic and elegant with an edge and also reflects the interests, tastes and passions of my clients. I design and specify all interior architectural details and furnishings.
Meredith Heron
Meredith Heron Design
(416) 698-7627
Meredith Heron Design is a full-service, multi-disciplinary, interior design firm and lifestyle business consultancy that manages the design of private residences, restaurants, and boutique commercial properties in the United States and Canada. The firm's high standards of integrity and creativity have earned it a reputation for exceptional design and superior execution of projects.
Michael Angus
Angus & Company
(416) 537-4104
My designs feature airy spaces with a mix of formal antiques and casual, comfortable furniture. Timeless and classic
Michelle Lloyd Bermann & Christine Ralphs
Lloyd Ralphs Design
(647) 272-6734 or (416) 827-7032
We’re known for clean, stylish, glamorous, modern environments designed for an international list of commercial and residential clients.
Monica Stevens
Monica Stevens Interior Design
(403) 245-0338
My style is comfortable, elegant, sensual and driven by quality.
Nancy Riesco
Riesco & Lapres Interior Design
(604) 736-9440
Contemporary eclecticism with organic elements, and sometimes a restrained touch of whimsy.
Nina Hamilton
Napanee Design
(604) 913-319
I go for a perfect balance of audacity and restraint. The success of my style is that it cannot really be defined as any particular style — it’s unique for each homeowner.
Olivia Botrie
Dart Studio
(416) 537-4500
Dart Studio is a full service interior design firm that creates beautiful, practical and authentic spaces. We design, budget and manage projects from conception through to completion; from house through to home.
Paul Lavoie
Paul Lavoie Interior Design
(403) 229-1504
My look is a collective mix of old and new, with respect for my clients’ personal style and taste.
Philip Mitchell
Philip Mitchell Design
(416) 364-0414
My look is classic and timeless, whether it be a traditional, contemporary or transitional interior.
Phillip Moody
Island Interiors
(416) 410-8305
Style is all about the homeowner’s taste: urban French to minimalist modern. I specialize in helping with scale, proportion and making disciplined choices.
Richard Ouellette
Les Ensembliers
(514) 938-4424
Robert Ledingham
Ledingham Design Consultants
(604) 874-4900
I do classic, contemporary interiors with a softer side. My look is quite timeless.
Robert Tanz
Robert Tanz Interior Design
(416) 322-2407
I design spaces that range from traditional to modern. I love to create an eclectic mix of old with new.
Rosanne Daykin
Rosanne Daykin Interiors
(604) 736-7767
I look for a balance between traditional and modern without making a room look too forced or obvious.
Sabrina Linn
(416) 533-9595
My style is warm and traditional with a nod to mid-century modern. I believe in investing in classic pieces to form the basis for a room and then adding in the charm with furniture and accessories. From the initial space planning and sourcing of furniture, to details such as selecting art and accessories; I specialize in adding the finishing touches that make a house a home.
Sarah Richardson & Thomas Smythe
Sarah Richardson Design
(416) 925-3338
We create relaxing environments with a soulful blend of art and design to reflect their owner’s unique taste and style.
Scott Yetman
Scott Yetman Design
(514) 931-3389
We create spaces for contemporary people. The references may be classical but the interpretation is fresh and comfortable.
Shari Orenstein
Shari Orenstein Architecture & Design
(416) 277-0087
I favour classical plan-making with simple, elegant architectural interiors highlighted with modern and eclectic elements, lighting and furniture.
Sharon Mimran
Mimran Design
(416) 785-1003
I specialize in clean, contemporary design mixed with old world elegance to create a tailored and unique environment that’s both timely and comfortable.
Shelley Kirsch
Shelley Kirsch Interior Design & Decoration
(416) 653-8722
I favour a modern eclectic style rich in texture and tone.
Shelley Penner
Penner & Associates Interior Design
(604) 255-2049
A leading sustainable interiors firm in Canada, Penner & Associates provides full service award-winning design solutions for residential, commercial and institutional projects.
Shirley Meisels
(647) 889-7709
From building, renovations and decor, my homes are modern with an eclectic edge. I like to mix vintage finds with colour and whimsy that add unexpected warmth and personality to a room.
Silvana D'Addazio
Silvana D'Addazio Design Inc.
(647) 345-3230
My signature look of comfortable elegance blends traditional tenets of scale, balance and proportion with unique details — a creative tension that produces spaces that are refined and luxurious but natural to the owner.
Sloan Mauran
Sloan Mauran Interior Design
(416) 924-2426
My look is sophisticated and tailored with a nod to the classics. I love to incorporate contemporary and antique pieces. I specialize in large-scale residential projects.
Theresa Casey
Casey Design Group
(416) 532-9242
Homeowners who know themselves make their own mark; I just help them get there by encouraging risks, innovation and individuality.
Thomas Smythe
Sarah Richardson Design
(416) 925-3338
I strive to create a feeling of elegance in soulful environments that balance vintage and modern elements. I believe rooms should feel as though the furniture and art within them were collected over time, and curated with a sense of personal history.
Timothy Mather
TM Design
(416) 963-9720
My designs are transitional and international — a mixture of antiques and contemporary furniture.
Wendy Williams Watt
Grace Studios
(604) 684-4183
I like to mix previously experienced pieces and clever contemporary concepts. Above all, I aim for relevance to whomever moves about the space.
William MacDonald
William MacDonald Interior Design,
(416) 362-0889
I work closely with my clients, interpreting their needs and allowing their personality to come through in a simple, elegant way.
William Mockler
William Mockler & Associates/Drawing Room Architect
(416) 975-1815
I don’t have a style, I’m like a hairdresser: I’ll give you what you want, but exquisitely detailed and with a few twists and surprises.
Youssef Hasbani
(416) 966-0200
My style is clean and uncluttered. I like to use modern, clean-lined pieces from the ’40s that tend to be on the glamorous side.