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No Budget For Built-Ins? Find 20+ Freestanding Storage Ideas

Inspired by freestanding pantries in the kitchen — one of House & Home‘s trends for 2018 — we love the idea of freestanding storage in every room. A great alternative to pricey built-ins when budget and square-footage are at a premium, freestanding storage saves space…

DIY Projects

A Pretty DIY Vanity Project

Learn how to turn a desk into a cheerful vanity with three easy DIY projects, including a custom tray, makeup brush holder and jewelry storage shelf.

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20 Ways To Embrace Minimalism (Without Getting Rid Of Everything!)

Embrace a less-is-more aesthetic that's actually achievable.


Get Organized! 23 Time-Saving Kitchen Storage Ideas

Minimize cooking time and maximize family time with these clever tips.


25+ Kitchen Storage Ideas To Get Organized Once And For All!

Make your kitchen the clean, calm space you’ve always dreamed of.


How To Clean Your Kitchen In 14 Minutes

Cleaning expert and author Melissa Maker, known for her clever Youtube tutorials, shares kitchen cleaning tips from her new book, Clean My Space: The Secret to Cleaning Better, Faster — And Loving Your Home Every Day.  When you’re not looking to give your kitchen the royal scrub-down but still…

Kids' Rooms

12 Tips To Keep Your Kids’ Rooms Tidy This Year (Finally!)

Find organized spaces that offer a master class in neatness.

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5 Stylish Family Photo Display Ideas

Technology has made it easy for us to capture cherished moments with our loved ones. Keep these happy memories on display by incorporating them into your decor in creative ways that go beyond the simple stand-up frame. Here are five stylish display ideas to feature your favorite photographs at home. 1. Create a photo board. This…

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10 Things You’ll Find On A House & Home Shelf

Steal a page from the designers and editors whose work we feature in House & Home and learn the elements of the perfect “shelfie.” No longer just a storage area, bookshelves are an artistic statement. Here’s how to make your shelves magazine-approved and Pinterest-worthy.

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Top 10 Small Space Organizing Tips From Julia Black

With the number of families living in smaller spaces increasing, one of the biggest challenges they face is often a lack of storage and organization. Reducing clutter build-up can be difficult, which is why we’ve enlisted Toronto stylist and decorator Julia Black to share her 10 best tips on how to organize…


Top Picks: Garage Storage & Organization Ideas

Interiors director Meg Crossley shares tips to a neat and tidy garage.  As someone who just stepped back from the brink of a completely disorganized garage, I can honestly say that whipping this space into shape can be a life changer. Summer is the season we use our garage the most —…

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The Ultimate Guide To Spring Cleaning

If the words “spring cleaning” strike fear in your heart (or at least cause a wave of to do list-inspired stress!), we’ve got good news: organizing expert Marie Potter, the director of marketing for Professional Organizers in Canada, has plenty of easy-to-follow advice for conquering clutter. “Spring is the…

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Design Hack: How To Avoid A Messy Fridge

Kids’ artwork, coupons, grocery lists – they all seem to make their way onto the front of the fridge for lack of a better place to live. The result is a cluttered surface that looks a bit chaotic. The solution? Create a designated spot for these miscellaneous items so they don’t end up…


Top 5 Tips For An Organized Mudroom

Get your space ready for spring!

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10 Hardworking Storage Pieces For A More Organized Home

When space is at a premium, you need furniture that works really hard. Pieces that fulfill your functional needs while still offering great style are the key to a good-looking and organized home, so we scoured the web to find the ultimate workhorses. Here are 10 genius solutions for small space dwellers, the organizationally-challenged…