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October 21, 2011

Affordable Finds

Last week fellow style editor Morgan Michener and I set out to our local Ikea to scout about, and as usual, we spotted so many great things to pitch for upcoming stories. Some are new and some are just new favourites! Keep an eye out for these items in the February and March 2012 issues!

1. Ektorp Jennylund armchair, $249. This chair is the perfect scale for a small space, and with a cosy seat and such great price, you can’t go wrong.

2. Ludde Sheepskin, $70. I could see this one layered up so loverly on the grey or white Jennylund chair.

3 & 4. Bislev rug (left), $30. This little flatweave is so darn cute. It looks like it has grosgrain ribbons running down it. Morgan had the great idea of sewing two of these guys together into a large floor cushion that would be almost kid-indestructible! She’s in charge of our editor DIY for a reason. And the Andrup rug (right), $25. Okay, so I admit, I have a bit of a rug fetish! I would love to see this one tossed over the back of a neutral sofa or headboard.

5. Pokal tumbler, $2. I have been really into these glasses for a while — the design is so classic! I want a latte in this cup!

For more affordable finds, see our Fall Finds Under $90.

Photo credits:
1-2, 4. Ikea
3a, 3b. Stacey Smithers