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November 25, 2013

Bright White Miami Condo

Every year around this time, I suddenly notice that gosh, it’s dark out. The bare trees and dropping temperatures don’t bother me, but when the sun disappears at 4:30, it hits me that we’re in for a long, dark winter. So, with the solstice still over a month away, I’ve been looking to the real estate listings for my sunlight fix. This condo in Miami caught my eye for its mix of clean, tropical light-filled spaces and restrained hits of big-city glitz. And at only $1.5 million, it’s in the realm of “unlikely” dreams but not “utterly impossible in this lifetime” fantasies. Let’s take a look.

The 3-bedroom, 3-bath unit is on the 19th floor and has a gorgeous view of the water and a nearby park. The highway connecting the city to Miami Beach isn’t quite so scenic in this photo, but I’d imagine that the causeway and skyline beyond are actually quite pretty when lit up at night.

Judging by this floor plan, you enter the “new” kitchen through two foyers off your private elevator (considering the building was finished in early 2013, everything is pretty much spanking new). Glossy white cupboards and stainless steel appliances are sleek and restrained, making the room’s one indulgence — that beautifully veined waterfall Calacatta marble island — all the more gorgeous.

White walls, millwork and floors and Lucite chairs let the sunlight bounce around the kitchen and dining area. The living room lies to the left, with a floor-to-ceiling window at the end and the terrace beyond. Lots of shiny white can feel cold, but here, an industrial-chic table and metallic vases keep the vibe warm and inviting.

Each of the three bedrooms has its own bath and ample closet space, and two of the three have exits to two separate balconies. The third bedroom is currently outfitted as an office in the same calm, monochromatic palette. I’d move that desk to face the window, even if the view is inland on this side of the building.

The principal bedroom, with its wooden bed, gold accent table, and wiry chandelier, sticks to the white-with-warmth idea. Here, the ensuite bath really is en suite — that sparkly wall to the right is the glass-enclosed shower, and the double vanity is visible at the back of the room. I like the idea of watching the sun rise over the ocean from the shower; less appealing is the idea of lounging in bed and listening to tooth-brushing just a few feet away.

What do you think? Does this apartment satisfy your cravings for sunshine?

Photo credits:
1–5. Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Author: Kristen Koch