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January 4, 2018

Bring Character To Your Kitchen With This DIY Instant Stamp Artwork

H&H‘s Stacey Smithers enlarges a photo of a vintage porcelain stamp for instant DIY art.

I’ve always admired the antique marks on the underside of vintage platters. Photographing, printing and hanging one of these ornate designs is a stylish (and inexpensive!) way to add a decorative feature to a kitchen wall. Choose a mark that complements the era of your kitchen or find something unexpected. Pick your frame first, then have a photo of the antique mark enlarged to the exact size. I left mine unmatted for a more casual look.


You’ll need porcelain ware with mark, smartphone, and frame of choice.


Step 1: Choose Mark

Browse your collection of china to find a mark that appeals to you. I chose a handsome beehive emblem on a platter that had visible crazing (when cracks and texture in the plate are visible) for an authentic vintage feel.

diy stamp art

Step 2: Take Picture

Use the camera on your smartphone to take the photo. Shoot it from directly overhead, either up close or farther away — how much white space you leave around the mark is up to you.

diy stamp art

Step 3: Print And Frame Poster

Bring the photo of your mark to your local printer and have them enlarge it to the size of your frame (mine was 32″ sq.). Ready-made frames can be found at retailers like Ikea for less than $60, or have one custom-made at an art supply store like DeSerres. Insert the blown-up image of the mark into your frame and hang on your kitchen wall. Enjoy!

Author: As told to Amanda Tucci

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