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May 3, 2016

Celebrity Pet Style: Kaley Cuoco

If you scroll through Kaley Cuoco’s Instagram feed, you’ll notice plenty of snaps of her adorable pets. From her love of horses to her four adopted pups, Kaley is the ultimate animal lover. In her dream world, her house would be brimming with pets. “I want to rescue every dog I can. I want to buy a huge house and fill it with dogs and hire people to live there and take care of them,” Kaley told Animal Fair. After seeing pictures of her pets, you might find yourself running out to adopt a new furry friend yourself.

kaley cuoco's dog

We’re not sure how Kaley ever leaves her house with those dreamy puppy dog eyes staring back at her! We love how the dog bowls in her kitchen are smartly built into the cabinetry so they don’t take up floor space. A graphic backsplash adds a welcome hit of pattern.

kaley cuoco's dogs

Squishing in between these pups seems like an ideal Friday night to us. Kaley captioned this photo, “Biggest couch on earth” but despite its enormous size, it’s not overwhelming.

kaley cuoco's dog

Shirley is hard to spot as she blends into the neutral tones of Kaley’s bed. We’re not surprised she fell asleep in this dreamy, plush bedding.


Kaley looks as happy as can be as she poses with Pokerface, one of her many horses. She loves horses so much, she even has equestrian-themed Hermes wallpaper in her dining room.  

kaley cuoco and her dog

This outdoor space seems like the perfect spot for a dinner party (even if the only guests are dogs!). The lush greenery provides the perfect view, not to mention the charming wood bar and pergola in the background.

kaley cuoco's dogs

Looks like something caught these dogs’ attention (a treat, perhaps?) — but we’re captivated by the beautiful brass stud detailing on the couch.

Author: Robin Radomski

Images via Kaley Cuoco's Instagram