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April 4, 2016

Updated Classics: Displaying Art

Discover fresh alternatives to popular design trends in our online series, Updated Classics. 

Gallery Walls Joel Bray

Classic Pick: The gallery-style of hanging art is timeless, and for good reason. Originating in European galleries during the 18th century, it’s a great way to create a focal wall and display complementary artwork. Balance and cohesion are key to this look, so group pieces of art that have like qualities together.

Gallery Walls Bloomsbury London

Fresh Spin: Display art in a fresh way by creating contrast. Mix your mediums, like paint, sculpture and objects. Think cool woven textiles, some natural ephemera (like naturally felled antlers or horns), a collection of straw hats, vintage plates, or doodles on craft paper — the idea is to have depth and variety. Up the cool factor by placing a few frames on the floor or on a mantel, as seen here, and lean them up against the wall for the ultimate laissez-faire vibe.

Author: Jessica Flower

1. Virginia Macdonald 2. Michael Graydon


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1. Joel Bray 2. Kai Ethier