June 24, 2016

DIY: Hemp Rug Headboard

A woven hemp rug works beautifully as a headboard, thanks to its organic woven texture that helps create a focal point above a bed. This one’s round shape invites a second look, ensuring that the bed holds its own amid the exotic pieces in this eclectic bedroom.

What you’ll need: a rug and nails.

Step 1: Find a natural-fiber round rug with braided or woven texture and intriguing pattern. This rug is hemp, but you could use one made of jute or any fiber with a soft feel.

Step 2: Measure the rug to ensure it’s about as wide as your mattress.

Step 3: Position the rug over the bed so the bottom edge falls just below the top of the mattress. (There should be no gap between the rug and the bed.)

Step 4: Tack in place with finishing nails. Start by placing one at the top and add nails to the two sides and bottom until the rug is firmly attached.


Luc Rémond


House & Home October 2014


SJB Interiors