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September 1, 2015

DIY: Knitted Seat Covers

Nothing says “cozy” like a nice chunky knit. So this winter, senior style editor Margot Austin decided to add some of that curl-up-here texture to a few stools by making knit seat covers. She arranged the stools in the living room, but you could also use them to add seasonal warmth to an entryway or in a child’s room around a craft table. Use 1″ foam for a stool that’s still comfy to sit on, but firm enough to double as a side table.

Materials and Tools

  • Stools
  • Tuques
  • 1″-thick upholstery foam
  • Batting
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors

Step 1. Pick stools and tuques, and choose small stools to cover. They should be wide enough to sit on, but small enough that the tuques will stretch around them; mine were 13″ in diameter. Look for pure wool tuques, they have more give than ones in blended fabric. Use one-size-fits-all adult tuques in a few different knitted patterns, or try old ones that are still stretchy.

Step 2. Turn each stool upside down on the upholstery foam and trace its outline with a permanent marker. Cut out the shape with regular scissors (cutting foam will dull fabric scissors). Repeat to cut a shape out of the batting. The foam adds a bit of cushioning, while the batting softens the finished stool’s profile.

Step 3. Turn each stool right side up and stack the cut-out foam and batting on top, with the foam against the seats. (If you’d like to permanently cover the stools, attach the foam and batting to the seats with spray adhesive at this point.) Stretch the tuques gently in your hands to loosen them up, then pull them over the seats.

I found it easiest to press each tuque down in the centre of the seat with one hand, and wrap the fabric around the sides with the other. Set out the stools and enjoy!

Foam, batting, Fabricland; grey and black tuques, Marshalls; vintage white stool, black stool, antique footrest, Vintage Fine Objects; upholstered chair, dresser, Elte; rug, Ikea; lamp, The Home Depot; pillow, HomeSense; wall colour, Pink Ground (202), Farrow & Ball.

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