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February 7, 2014

DIY Beaded Chandelier

With its gracefully draped strands of beads, classic shape and natural graining, a wood-beaded chandelier is perfect for summer — striking just the right note between breezy and glam. Using a basic hanging planter, I custom-made a fixture to match my decor. Here’s how you can do the same.

Materials and Tools

  • Hanging metal basket planter
  • Large and small metal craft hoops (look in the leatherwork section of a craft store)
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors or shears
  • Swag lighting kit
  • 600 16-mm wooden beads
  • 1,200 12-mm wooden beads
  • Metal strapping (look in the plumbing department of a hardware store)
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Ribbon

Step 1: Attach craft hoops

Hang the planter from a sturdy ladder, doorway or shelf to make it easy to reach as you work. Position the larger metal craft hoop a few inches above the rim of the planter and secure the hoop to the chains with fishing line. Position the smaller craft hoop at the top of the chains, and tie in place. I used a 14″-diameter planter and left around 15″ between my top and bottom craft hoops.

Step 2: Wire lamp

Attach the swag lighting kit to the planter according to instructions.

Step 3: Bead bottom section

Roughly measure the distance from the bottom of the planter to its rim. Cut a piece of fishing line about twice as long. Thread the fishing line through the ring at the bottom of the planter, adjusting it so the two ends are even. String 16-mm beads over both strands of fishing line at once, so you have a single strand of beads. Continue until the length is covered, leaving a bit of extra line at the end, and tie to the planter rim. Repeat until the bottom of the planter is hidden by strands of beads.

Step 4: Bead top section

Roughly measure the distance from the planter rim to the upper craft hoop, and cut a piece of fishing line about twice as long. Thread the line around the rim, adjust it so the two ends are even and bead the top section as you did the bottom, using the 12-mm beads. Repeat to cover top.

Step 5: Cover knots with ribbon

Measure out enough strapping to wrap the planter rim and upper craft hoop. Cover with ribbon, securing with hot glue as needed. Hot-glue the wrapped strapping over the rim and hoop, making sure it hides the fishing-line knots. Hang the chandelier (using a canopy kit, if desired), switch on and enjoy.

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Author: Reiko Caron

Angus Fergusson


Scrapwood wallpaper, Hollace Cluny; Allen + Roth wallpaper (on ceiling), Lowe’s; swag kit, planter, fishing line, strapping, The Home Depot; ceiling colour, Harbour Mist (5003-7A), Valspar; ribbon, Mokuba.


House & Home July 2013 issue