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March 28, 2011

DIY Dramatic Room Divider

Our own photographs make beautiful artwork and deserve to be shown off! I spotted this vintage room divider in Toronto photographer Felix Wedgwood’s studio and thought, Rather than simply framing a picture, why not use it like this to create a canvas wall hanging? It’s easy to do and relatively inexpensive.

Materials and Tools

  • Digital photograph
  • 2 curtain rods
  • 2 screw eye hooks
  • Metal wire

Step 1: Choose a photograph

Select one that suits your space and has lots of contrast, so it will look good enlarged. Black and white photographs of natural scenery are a safe choice. Using a standard digital camera (12 magapixels or higher) should work, as long as you use the original digital file; if the image is too small, it will look pixellated.

Step 2: Take the measurements

To determine the length and width of the canvas you’ll need, consider the shape of the original image, where it will hang, the ceiling height and how you want the image centred. Here, the canvas is about 11′ h. to suit the ceilings. In most rooms, 6′ h. x 3′ w. should deliver dramatic results.

Step 3: Upload your photo

Most local print shops can do the job, but I recommend going to, where you can upload your photo and enter your desired dimensions. For about $250, the company will print your image on rolled canvas and ship it within Canada. Be sure to note whether your image needs cropping.

Step 4: Do some simple sewing

Stitch 2″-wide pockets along the top and bottom of the canvas to feed curtain rods through. (If you’d rather not lose any of your image, order custom borders or add pockets using similar fabric.) Use rods with simple finials that won’t distract from the photograph. Screw 2 eye hooks into the ceiling and hang it from wire attached at the ends of the top rod. The weight of the bottom rod will keep the canvas taut.

Throw, Hermès, lamp, Kiosk.

Author: Cameron MacNeil

Felix Wedgwood