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August 7, 2015

DIY: Painted Patio Stool

Sarah Hartill shares step-by-step instructions on how to create a painted patio stool. 

 DesignEd_Stock_2014_Sarah_0356_HH_JY14_19Lately I’ve been seeing lots of painterly products out there, from stationery to wall hangings. I wanted to bring that artsy, abstract look to my patio, so I decided to make an inexpensive (and handy) concrete stool. I wanted a soft look with visible brushstrokes, so I only used one coat of paint on my stool. If you’d like more intense colours, simply add more coats.


You’ll need: concrete builder’s tube, utility knife, pen, Styrofoam sheet, duct tape, dowels, concrete, 5-gallon plastic buckets, small trowel, mallet, paint can or bricks, foam brush, exterior paint.


Step 1: Prep Tube

Cut a 15″ length of 8″-diam. concrete builder’s tube. Trace the tube on a piece of Styrofoam and cut out the circle. Place the cutout circle inside one end of the tube so it plugs the tube’s end, and fix it firmly in place with duct tape. Cut four holes 3″ from the other end of the tube and thread two dowels through.

Step 2: Mix Concrete and Place Tube

Mix one 80-lb. bag of concrete in a 5-gallon plastic bucket and scoop into a second identical bucket using a small trowel until you have a 3″-deep layer of concrete. Place the builder’s tube in the bucket, duct- taped end down; this makes the stool hollow and light enough to move around.

Step 3: Finish Pouring Concrete

Scoop the concrete into the space between the tube and the bucket until the bucket is full, occasionally tapping the bucket’s sides with a mallet to release any air pockets. Smooth the concrete so it’s even and level. Put a paint can, bricks or heavy weight inside the tube so the concrete doesn’t push it out.

Step 4: Remove Tube and Bucket

Let concrete cure in a well- ventilated, sheltered spot, like a garage, for around

5 days. Remove the weight, score the builder’s tube with a utility knife and peel away the tube. Next, score the plastic bucket, tap with the mallet to let in air and peel off the bucket. (This is easier with a helper.)

Step 5: Paint Stool

Let the stool cure for another 30 days before painting. Paint with
a foam brush and exterior paint. Check the paint instructions; you may need to prime first or seal after. Take it outside, set a drink on top and enjoy.

Watch our video on how to make this DIY Painted Patio Stool here.

Author: Sarah Hartill

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