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July 30, 2015

DIY: Roll-Up Mattress

Margot Austin shares step-by-step instructions on how to make a roll-up mattress that’s perfect for overnight guests. 

DIY-DesignEd-Margot-AustinSummer’s here, and it’s time to lounge — at the cottage, the beach or while camping. This year, I decided to get extra comfortable by making a multipurpose roll-up mattress out of a duvet. It’s easy and inexpensive, and can even be set up on top of a folding cot to create a daybed or extra sleeping spot on a porch or in a pool house. Here’s how I did it!


You’ll need a queen duvet cover, a queen duvet, twill tape or ribbon, and anti-fray glue.


Step 1: Gather materials and cut ties

 a queen duvet and duvet cover for your mattress or repurpose old ones. Choose a nice fluffy duvet so the finished bed will be comfortable, and a cover in a fun pattern, like my cheery dark grey check. Next, pick out 1⁄2″-wide cotton twill tape, grosgrain ribbon, or another flat trim that matches your duvet cover. Measure and cut
12 13″-long ties from the trim.


Step 2: Seal ties

Apply Fray Stop (or another anti-fray liquid glue) to the ends of the ties and let dry.


Step 3: Pin ties to cover

Lay out duvet cover flat and pin one tie at each of the four corners, as shown in template. Place two more ties on the top, left and bottom sides so each side has four ties total, evenly spaced. Pin the final two ties one-third of the way in from the right side, one-third and two-thirds of the way down. (They will line up with the other ties.)


Step 4: Attach ties and fold up

Use a machine to sew the ties in place or stitch by hand. Remove all pins. Place the duvet in the duvet cover. Fold the assembled duvet in thirds lengthwise and tie the ties to hold it together so you have a nice thick mattress. Take along on summer outings or to the cottage and enjoy!

Author: Margot Austin

Angus Fergusson (room, inset)/ Alex Lukey (portrait)


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