DIY Projects

May 13, 2011

DIY Window Garden

Bring greenery indoors with plants beautifully grouped under glass. The sleek presentation gives flora a contemporary spin and is also a great way to get herbs or seedlings off to an early start; when the time comes, remove them from the jars or cloches and transplant them into your garden. Watch a video of this project now!

Materials and Tools

  • Glass cloches
  • Mason jars
  • Garden pots
  • Plants
  • Moss
  • Potting soil
  • Charcoal, stones or fine gravel

Step 1: Visit the local nursery

When building a terrarium, it’s important to buy plants that will flourish in humid conditions. Tropical plants are ideal, as they thrive off of the moisture and sunlight they’ll be exposed to on a windowsill. Talk to an expert at your local nursery for other options. I suggest small plants that can be potted in 4″-diam. vessels. Stick to leafy green plants rather than colourful blooms for a modern look.

Step 2: Collect cloches and jars

Vary the size and style of glass containers to keep the overall look loose yet stylish. I found a mix of cloches at Restoration Hardware and West Elm. They’re large enough to accommodate more than one plant in a pretty grouping or a single tall plant, such as a white potted orchid. Scavenge through kitchen cupboards or thrift stores for mason jars big and small.

Step 3: Build your garden

Use terracotta or clay pots in muted colours for planting. Don’t worry about scratches or chips — that all adds to the rustic “secret garden” look. Mix fine gravel or stones with a bit of charcoal at the bottom of each pot or jar. (The stones help with drainage, while the charcoal mitigates odour from the dampness.) Position your plants with a little potting soil, finish with a layer of pretty moss and arrange them in front of a window. Then, don’t forget to water!

Cloches (orchid, fern), watering can, Restoration Hardware; cloche (white base), jar with handle, teapot, cups, West Elm; glass lidded vessel, Teatro Verde; console, Angus & Company; chairs, Elte; throw, Lothantique; vessel (on table), terracotta pots, black pot (orchid), shears (inset), Bacon Basketware.