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March 31, 2016

DIY: Spring Bouquet By Coriander Girl

Alison Westlake, owner of Coriander Girl, shares step-by-step instructions on how to make a loose, romantic floral arrangement. 

The latest in floral design is “undesigned”: organic, free-form and lovely. “It’s not so much a trend as a movement,” says Westlake. “We want our food
to be local, and our flowers, too. And the best way to display local flowers is to give them a little room — similar to how they grow in nature.” As you’re working, strip stems below the waterline, and save cutoffs to make mini arrangements for nightstands or counters. If you recut the stems and refresh the water every few days and keep flowers away from sunny windows, your bouquet can last two weeks or more.


You’ll need some textural greenery, large blooms, a few “wispy bits” and a clean vase or jar filled with lukewarm water.

DIY floral arrangement

Step 1: Trim greenery like parvifolia and seeded eucalyptus, and layer in vase, creating nesting places for blooms.

DIY floral arrangement

Step 2: Cut blooms like Sahara roses, ranunculus and hellebore to different lengths and nestle into the greenery.

DIY floral arrangement

Step 3: Add “wispy bits” like astrantia, veronica and viburnum berries for a fresh-from-the-garden look.


Author: Kristen Koch

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